Download Your Free Copy of My E-Book "How to Have Transformational Quiet Times with God."

Download Your Free Copy of: How To Have Transformational Quiet Times with God

What You Will Learn in this E-Book to help you get the most out of your Bible Study and Prayer Times

  • Discover the 4 areas God's word must impact for you to see growth in your spiritual journey.
  • Discover the '7 P's that will help you have engaging and meaningful prayer times with God.
  • Discover the '7 R's that will help you feed on God's word and bring transformation through the Holy Spirit.
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Hi it's Toye,

I'm so excited to send you a free copy of my new e-book, 'How to Have Transformational Quitet Times with God'

I first wrote the original transcript in 2016 and thought, I must live this out myself before sharing this with others. Hence I can say that you will see God work powerfully in your life if you apply what I have written in this book.

I believe God wants us to honour his name and live the life that he has created us to live through his Son Jesus Christ. We are living in a seriously distracted world and one of the schemes of the evil one is to keep you busy from spending time with your creator.

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